George Anagnostou

George Anagnostou


While some agents may have chosen real estate, it’s been in George’s blood all along. Some would venture to say he’s genetically predisposition for the real estate game. A dynamic, down-to-earth agent known by clients and colleagues alike for being thoughtful in his approach and inventive in his solutions, George strives to cultivate trust with his clients. More than merely a transactional facilitator, he’s passionate about forging authentic partnerships and helping people find their way home in both the literal and figurative sense.

Growing up in the Atherton area, George has been incessantly inspired by the sheer talent and ingenuity seeping from Silicon Valley’s epicenter. Imbued with a passion for technology, creativity, and innovation, not to mention a degree in Film from Chapman, he dreams of one day blending the worlds of augmented reality, virtual reality, and filmmaking. But for now, you’ll find him husting for his clients alongside the rest of his eponymous team. Give the Anagnostou crew a call. We have a feeling you’re going to hit it off.

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